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Best Multidoor Refrigerators Under 1.5 Lakh (August 2023): One

Jun 05, 2023

Best Multidoor Refrigerators Under 1.5 Lakh: We all love eating food but keeping it fresh is what is the most important aspect. And during summer we always have the urge to drink cold water and beverages. So if you are seeking a good fridge, we have gathered a list of the best refrigerators in India that have a multidoor facility and also provide you with ample amount of space to store your fruits and vegetables. Have a look!

Best Multidoor Refrigerators Under 1.5 Lakh: Our life is surrounded by various electronic item that makes it more simpler and convenient. One such invention is the refrigerator. They help us keep our food fresh and prevent it from decay, give us ample amount of space to store fruits and vegetables, keep our water and beverages cold, etc. And if you are seeking one, then you are at the right place. Provided below is a list of the best refrigerators in India that are packed with all the latest technology and features and will make your life easier.

These multidoor refrigerators also known as French door refrigerators, are known for their spaciousness and flexibility. With their unique configuration, featuring various refrigerator doors on top and at the bottom, they provide easy access to all your perishable items while optimizing storage capacity. Have a look at the best refrigerator brands in India like Samsung, Bosch, Hisense, and more, and choose from what suits you the most.

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Check out this plethora of the best refrigerators in India and keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. If you are someone who is seeking space with multidoor design, then these are suitable choices for you.

Your search for the best multidoor refrigerator ends here. Samsung is a renowned brand and offers you great quality products at various different price ranges. Being suitable for large families with 5 or more members, this Samsung refrigerator comes with an ice maker and has a capacity of 653 liters.

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The digital inverter compressor helps to automatically adjust the speed in order to the cooling demand and the Twin cooling plus mode ensures your food stays moist and fresher for a longer period. These refrigerators have a 5 in 1 convertible mode that will optimize all your food and beverage storage needs. Multidoor Refrigerator Price: Rs 86,990.

Whirlpool is another renowned brand and has various options of refrigerators available for you to choose from. This Whirlpool refrigerator comes with 2 doors and a drawer at the bottom, providing you with more space to store your fruits and vegetables.

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Zeolite Technology prevents excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene emission from them. The Microblock Technology adapts to varying internal conditions to prevent up to 99% bacterial growth keeping your food fresh for longer. Multidoor Refrigerator Price: Rs 31,090.

Hisense multidoor refrigerator comes with a water dispenser on the outer body that makes it convenient for you to pour some into your glass without opening the doors which will help keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.

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The spill-proof toughened adjustable glass shelves provide increased durability which makes it one of the best refrigerators under 1.5 lakh in India. Being a suitable choice for joint families, these have a capacity of 507 liters which is divided between a freezer capacity of 192 liters and a food capacity of 315 liters. Multidoor Refrigertor Price: Rs 69,990.

Seeking the best refrigerator in India. Bosch through the years has gained a lot of popularity and provides its customers with high quality and performance products. Red in color, these will enhance the looks of your kitchen giving it a modern touch. This Bosch refrigerator comes with an additional multi-purpose box which is suitable for storing your cosmetics or medicines.

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Customize the fridge compartment to suit your storage needs and save up to 40% of energy. Multiple vents placed at different levels circulate chilled air around the stored items, ensuring they stay fresh. Multidoor Refrigerator Price: Rs 37,990.

We have another hit from Samsung. This Samsung French door side by side refrigerator has a capacity of 580 L which makes it suitable for a family of 4-5 people. The silver color will enhance the look of your kitchen and the digital inverter will make it efficient and power-saving. Designed in a minimalist way, Easy Access Control ensures better accessibility for disabled people which makes it one of the best Samsung refrigerators in India.

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The fingerprint-resistant finish protects surfaces from any marks and smudges. The LED lighting provides enough brightness to every corner of the fridge, making it easy to search for a specific product. Multidoor Refrigerator Price: Rs 74,890.

Explore more on the best multidoor refrigerators under 1.5 lakh here.

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