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30 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts For Dad In 2023

Sep 01, 2023

Guiding a kid through the trials and tribulations of life is certainly no walk in the park. Which is why this Father’s Day, we raise our glasses to all the dads out there — the veterans and rookies alike.

Whether you’re on a mission to crack a grin on your old man’s face, or you’re a dad yourself who’s subtly nudging your offspring in the right direction — check out some of the best Father’s Day gifts that’ll make any Dad happy below.

PSA: Father’s Day is Sunday, September 3 in Australia this year.

Take your Dad from zero to hero with the oven to end all ovens. The Ooni Volt 12, an office favourite, will have your old man pumping out pizzas that would make Nonna proud.

The once-and-future king. Arguably New Balance’s most well-rounded and beloved design, the 574 is bound to put a smile on Dad’s face. Built with trail shoe and runner technology, these are so good we’d be surprised if your old man stops at just one.

A damned sight more intriguing than store-bought London Dry, Never Never’s Beeswax & Olive Gin — the latest in the brand’s innovative ‘Dark Series’ — will lift Dad’s G&T game to delicious new heights. Chuck it in the freezer for a couple hours for a velvety, Martini-ready texture.

A seamless blend of timeless craftsmanship and modern utility, The Singleton Bi-Fold Wallet from R.M.Williams will provide Dad with a stylish and secure method of keeping his essentials in check for years to come.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Give dad the gift he really wants but on a level he’s never quite experienced with a pair of — what many would argue are — the best wool socks on the planet.

The powerful Theragun Mini 2.0 is something he can also quickly throw into a suitcase and take on the road, giving him an efficient way of loosening those muscles wherever he is.

Cast iron skillets are heavy; they can be cumbersome to use when basting or transferring to the oven. The carbon steel griddle employs a handle at each end, with raised edges to retain juices and butter, plus it can sit on any heat source with less fear of damaging induction tops.

One for all the Dads out there who know their Fear And Loathing as well as their Fela Kuti, these Gucci aviators embody the Italian luxury house’s distinctive aesthetic in all its swaggering, jetset glory.

Unlock third wave specialty coffee at home with this step-by-step barista setup from Breville. Dad will never pull a bad espresso again. Better yet, if he’s a new-age milk kind of guy, the Barista Touch Impress has three alternative milk settings for almond, oat and soy milks which perfectly calibrate air injection time and temperature accordingly.

This “entry-level” expression from one of Speyside’s renowned specialists in super-sherried Scotch is anything but basic. Laden with delicious and intense flavours of dried fruit, banana, and malt bisccy; this one lives up to its award-winning reputation and then some. Buy one for Dad, and while you’re at it, one for yourself.

One of the slickest items in the Yeti catalogue, the Colster Insulated Can Cooler is a must have for all codgers this season. Picture this: your dad owning the BBQ scene with what’s essentially a mini-fridge for his drink, keeping his beer completely chilled from top to bottom. How good.

Dad might cherish his record player or CD collection, but that doesn’t mean he won’t love a quality Bluetooth speaker for its everyday convenience — especially this option from Marshall that looks an absolute treat.

Born out of the need for a discreet anti-dandruff solution, REIN introduced their minimalist Duo Pack. Sporting an striking contemporary design and a refreshing ocean-inspired aroma, the combo is bound to elevate any dad’s morning routine.

The Robbies Road Knit timeless design and quality craftsmanship will ensure that your dad can stay cozy and classy for years to come. Capturing both comfort and style in one package, this knit is a thoughtful and practical choice to gift him this year.

Introducing a refined touch to your old mans after-hours rituals, the stunning Signature Bundle from Malt & Brew is ensured to elevate any enthusiasts home bar setup.

Whether your dad wants to mute his surrounds or really sink into whatever he’s listening to, these top-rated Sony cans are elegant, powerful and incredibly smart.

A true first-class option when it comes to stylish travel, Rimowa’s vintage-inspired ‘Trunk Plus’ is a bulletproof way for Dad to transport his essentials. The Cedar Brown colourway — launched earlier this year in Tokyo -— is our pick of the litter.

Whether he’s pressing burgers or flipping a 1.5kg rib eye off the bone, a serious spatula is a vital tool for BBQing. This carbon steel model from Brit Alex Pole is as much a talking point as it is an essential piece of kit.

Salomon might be best known for its all-terrain trail running shoes, but that doesn’t mean the French-founded footwear brand can’t make an elite pair of road runners, with the Aero Glide boasting a high-stack energy foam midsole for enduring comfort.

If dad enjoys breaking out the bubbles from time to time, he’ll love a personalised set of Grand Vintage from Moët & Chandon. Featuring the 2002, 2009 & 2009 Rosé vintages encased in a personalised wooden box, this thoughtful package is bound to make the old man smile.

Everyone should own a Japanese kitchen knife at some point in their life and the Otsuki Funayuki is a perfect all-rounder, balanced, sharp and perfect for cooking dinner during the week.

If your father is partial to a pipe or cigar, a fantastic, fit-for-purpose lighter really enhances the occassion. Give him the Rolls-Royce of ‘rollagas’ from Alfred Dunhill. They’re expensive but they’re the best.

Lots to love here — assuming your pa is a Kentucky Straight kinda guy. Among a handful of whiskeys crafted by the historic (now resurrected) Kentucky Owl distillery, this is southern comfort at its finest, offering a silken palate of caramel and allspice flavours. Good straight up, great in cocktails.

Arguably the most practical complication a mechanical watch can be equipped with, the Longines HydroConquest GMT can track multiple timezones at once, making it an ideal daily companion for any old man who enjoys travelling, or whose work takes him around the world.

The Sherbrooke Field Jacket from Christian Kimber isn’t exactly cheap, but if your old man prefers to own less stuff, but the stuff he owns is great quality, then this is a jacket that’ll keep him warm for decades to come.

Samsung’s latest flagship foldable is a sophisticated evolution for productivity-driven smartphones, with two brilliant displays and top-notch software that works well with multitasking.

Rodney and Séverine undertook the painstaking process of moving the Agrarian Cooking Class from their home, to the grounds of their restaurant during COVID. It’s a cracking day out for any Dad interested in cooking, with much to learn, and plenty to eat, in a fantastic heritage location.

Easily the most underrated category in all of wine, Port drinks well beyond the dollars you spend on it, and can be enjoyed by many for multiple nights. And paired with cheese, pre dessert, there’s nothing better. Consider Graham’s or Taylor’s for an unbeatable evening.

Balancing sporty and sophisticated, the Clayton Polo from M.J. Bale is an essential addition to every dads wardrobe this year. Dress it up with a blazer for a business lunch or keep it more relaxed in chinos for the weekend BBQ, this versatile knit will ensure your old man has all bases covered this season.

If your dad is a watch guy, he’ll immediately know how special this vintage-inspired dress watch from Longines is, with a tasty salmon dial colour, delightful subdial proportions and engraved hour markers that only get better the closer you look at them.

If your old man enjoys a crunchy, chilled, cherry led gamay with superbly balanced tannins, reach for Marc Delienne’s delightful Abbaye Road sourced from his own 13ha hectares in Fleurie, Beaujolais.

Ooni Volt 12 ($1,499) – For The Caprese King– For The Textbook DadNever Never Beeswax Gin ($79) – For The Juniper InclinedR.M.Williams Singleton Bi-Fold Wallet ($179) – For The Dad Who Always Pays – For The Undergarment Aficionado – For The Tense TravellerLodge Carbon Steel Griddle ($136) – For The Home Cooking HotshotGucci Aviator-Style Sunglasses ($545) – For The Modern-Day MaverickBreville Barista Touch Impress ($2,149) – For The Daily Bean CounterTamdhu 12 Year Old ($105) – For The Speyside OperatorYeti Colster Insulated Can Cooler ($39.95) – For The Man That Keeps It CoolMarshall Stanmore III Speaker ($680) – For The Retired HeadbangerREIN DUO Pack ($124)For The Self-Care SavantRodd & Gunn Robbies Road Knit ($199) – For The Sophisticated GentlemanMalt & Brew Signature Bundle ($165) – For The Dram MasterSony WF-1000XM5 Earbuds ($419) – For The EscapistRimowa Trunk Plus ($2,120) – For The Mr WorldwideAlex Pole BBQ Spatula ($107) – For The Grill GuruSalomon Aero Glide Running Shoes ($250) – For The Goggins Wannabe – For The Connoisseur Of BubblesOtsuki Funayuki (All-Purpose Knife) ($165) – For The Slicing SpecialistDunhill Barley Rollagas Lighter ($1,431) – For The Stogie SuckerThe Wiseman Bourbon ($119) – For The Wise ManLongines HydroConquest GMT ($4,400) – For The Globe TrotterChristian Kimber Sherbrooke Field Jacket ($1,450) – For The SartorialistSamsung Galaxy Z Fold ($2,799) – For The Professor Of ProductivityThe Agrarian Experience Cooking Class ($440) – For The Culinarian 2017 Graham’s Vintage Port ($225) – For The Nightcap VeteranM.J. Bale Clayton Polo ($139.95) – For The Smart Casual ExpertLongines Master Collection ($3,875) – For The Vintage Enthused2019 Marc Delienne Abbaye Road ($90) – For The Wine SnobFor The Caprese KingFor The Textbook DadFor The Juniper InclinedFor The Dad Who Always PaysFor The Undergarment AficionadoFor The Tense TravellerFor The Home Cooking HotshotFor The Modern-Day MaverickFor The Daily Bean CounterFor The Speyside OperatorFor The Man That Keeps It CoolFor The Retired HeadbangerFor The Self-Care SavantFor The Sophistacated GentlemanFor The Dram MasterFor The EscapistFor The Mr WorldwideFor The Grill GuruFor The Goggins WannabeFor The Connoisseur Of BubblesFor The Slicing SpecialistFor The Stogie SuckerFor The Wise ManFor The Globe TrotterFor The Sartorialist For The Professor Of ProductivityFor The CulinarianFor The Nightcap VeteranFor The Smart Casual ExpertFor The Vintage EnthusedFor The Wine Snob