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14 Luxury Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

Jun 03, 2023

Shopping for dad for Father’s Day means getting something unique to his lifestyle, something that he will enjoy for more than just one use. As Father’s Day approaches, sons and daughters are stumped on what gift they would most enjoy and one that gives tribute to how special he is in their life. No dad is created equal, that is why this list of luxury gifts presents finds for all types of dads, whether he considers himself to be a foodie, loves music, is active, or needs a new kitchen gadget. Below gifts are also great options for when your dad just retired. It is always great to celebrate an illustrious career or even just a small achievement. Luxury gifts are great gifts for most occasions. Check out our luxury Father’s Day gift ideas, arranged in alphabetical order.

For the dad, that’s always the life of the party, or just the designated bartender, give him the gift of the Bartesian Cocktail Machine ($349.99). Dad can now bring the full bar to his man cave and serve up 30+ premium cocktails on-demand with ease. Just drop in a cocktail capsule, select drink strength and with a few presses of a button, dad will be sipping his favorite beverage. With dedicated spots on the machine for whiskey, tequila, and vodka – and a choice for rum or gin – and a water tank that holds enough water to make about 20 cocktails, the machine is easy and simple to use. Also to note, the mixer capsules are made up of real ingredients (no added preservatives) so dad can get the real thing without all the prep work and clean-up.

If dad is ready to head back out and strut his stuff in style, the Bourbon Summer Cartoon Crisis – Formal Affair Navy Suit ($2,500.00) will truly make him stand out. Made from a blend of Japanese linen and Tencel™ for lightness and comfort, this sustainable suit is great for any formal affair. Designed and manufactured in NYC’s Garment District, the slim-fit suit features high-notched lapels, high double vents, high armholes, and functional cuffs with custom CRISIS! sterling silver studs. Its interior is just as eye-catching as the exterior as it features 100% 6A Mulberry silk printed with limited edition FORMAL AFFAIR artwork. Available in sizes 34-44, dad can boast about his fashion sense as well as his passion for loud art and sustainability.

With Father’s Day quickly approaching Brooks Running Ghost 13 GTX ($160) is the ideal shoe for active dads looking to get a headstart and enjoy the outdoors with the forthcoming warm weather. Offering the smoothest ride yet, the GORE-TEX® waterproof shoe is equipped with super soft DNA LOFT cushioning which extends beyond the heel all the way to the forefoot. The shoe design optimizes the segmented crash pad’s transition from heel to toe so steps feel soft and buttery smooth on all surfaces. This shoe, which comes in two colors, is for dads looking for a reliable shoe that’s soft and smooth, so they can focus more on what matters most: their run.

BUGATCHI’s Two Button Blazer ($420.00) is an easy-to-wear staple piece that Dad will cherish forever. Made of 100% cotton, this blazer features an unconstructed silhouette with three patch pockets and comes in three distinct colors. This versatile blazer is sharply tailored from the finest Italian fabrics and makes a perfect match with a pair of slacks or even a nice pair of jeans. Born from a company that changes with new technologies and trends of the times, this blazer embodies its elegance and resilience as well as its customization in design in high-end masculine fashion. Whether for a quick meeting over a power lunch or out for date night, dad will ooze style and sophistication with this blazer.

Dads who are non-dairy lovers and those who are lactose intolerant now can make all types of non-dairy milk in no time with the new ChefWave Milk-made Non-Dairy Milk Maker ($169.95, use code LLM20 for 20% off the MilkMade at Amazon and MyChefwave). The non-dairy milk maker makes it easy for dads to create fresh plant-based milk in minutes from oats, rice, soybeans, and nuts as it turns just one tablespoon of nuts into 20 oz. of milk. In just 15 minutes, no prep work is needed, just add water, a handful of your favorite base, and voilá, this go-to kitchen companion does the rest. With six preset milk-making programs, digital touch control, easy storage, and an auto-clean function, adding a delicious plant-based dairy alternative to dad’s routine is simple and carefree. If dad wants to add some other flavoring to his plant-based milk, he can simply customize flavors, with a drop of vanilla or chocolate or any other flavor.

For dads looking to improve their health and overall fitness, Ekrin Athletics’ best-selling massage gun, the Ekrin B37 ($229.99) is the perfect tool. Whether it’s recovering from a workout, reducing stress, improving circulation, or getting a better night’s sleep, this massage gun uses percussive therapy to make dad feel young and spry again. With five speeds and four separate attachments, each unique to target a different body part and muscle group, this massage gun is also ultra-quiet with a decibel level equivalent to the sound of rainfall. With its premium design and percussive power, this massage gun provides up to 56lbs of force and has a battery that can last up to eight hours. Dad can feel comfortable knowing he’ll have long-lasting treatment for years to come with Ekrin’s standard lifetime warranty.

Groovy Guy Gifts has been creating personalized gifts that he will treasure forever since 2016. The site offers several unique personalized gifts for men from wallets to drinkware to travel bags and more, so this Father’s Day, personalize a gift for dad with one of their best sellers. The Custom Lazy Susan ($149.99) is made of wood with steel handles and presents dad with a functional and stylish centerpiece for his next dinner party or poker game. If dad claims to be a budding mixologist, the Mixology Master ($79.99) comes with a handsome wooden box and contains five monogrammed pieces to turn dad into a true bartender. And if dad is constantly on the go and wants to travel in style, while being cognizant of his carbon footprint, the Vegan Transport Duffle ($79.99) will be his go-to bag for weekend getaways and much more.

Don’t worry if dad may have put on a few pounds during quarantine as the H200 Easy Clean Slow Juicer ($699) from Hurom, will get him back to his fighting weight in no time. Available in stylish Matte Black, Matte Silver, or White, this stylish juicer will make it easy for dad to get juicing thanks to its Easy Clean chamber set with the Self-Feeding hopper. Dad can continue to add his favorite fruits and vegetables, even while the juicer is running, fitting whole-sized fruit which will allow him to juice more and save time. Its pulp container is inside the base of the juicer and you can simply rinse the parts underwater with no scrubbing required, so there is no messy clean-up. With the ability to juice up to 16.9 oz in its carafe, the H200 Easy Clean Slow Juicer can be used for up to 30 minutes continuously, so dad will never be thirsty for a healthy drink again.

When dad wants to bring the Pilates studio home, or even on the go, the MOTR® Full-body training system ($350.00) should be his go-to on-the-go reformer. Weighing only 33lbs, the MOTR® is the best single piece of equipment to recreate your pilates studio at home or outside in your favorite park. It combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight-level resistances, giving you a challenging and incredibly diverse workout tool. For cardio, balance, functional training, agility, strength training, and more, the MOTR® comes with two variable resistance modules, two stability wedges, pull and carrying straps which are all conveniently store inside the roller tube when not in use. Dads will also have access to free MOTR streaming video workouts and their mobile flashcards with the purchase of the device.

The Naim Uniti Atom HE ($3,290) would make a great Father’s Day gift for the music-loving Dad. The one-of-a-kind, high-end music streamer and headphone amplifier launched this May and will allow dad to relax at home, without distractions. This special edition model is the premium music streaming system for solo listening as dad simply just needs to add headphones for clear, high-quality sound. It can also double-up as a streaming pre-amplifier, feeding active loudspeakers for an instant system, or a power amplifier driving passive speakers. Their unique music-streaming platform allows you to escape into your own digital music collection, services such as Qobuz, TIDAL, Internet radio (with a curated collection of HD stations), podcasts, and Spotify with their easy-to-use music-streaming platform. It also features Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2 support and its Roon Ready status adds even more streaming options.

Perfect for dads who have ramped up their physical activity during the pandemic, the Nushape Therapy-Wrap ($497.00) eases the pain of sore muscles by stimulating blood circulation through advanced Red-Light Phototherapy. Dad simply has to wrap it around the sore body part for about 20 min and its medical-grade LEDs strengthen cells and cause them to function better and create more energy. The wrap stimulates acupuncture points as well as increases blood circulation and allows for antioxidant enzyme release offering unparalleled performance. It covers a generously sized treatment area of 20 inches x 5 inches and features the latest in near-infrared and LED red light phototherapy for pain, inflammation, and recovery.

When dad wants to tune out the noise and focus on what matters most, at the moment, The Work Earbuds ($149.99) from RAYCON are a great buy. Co-founded by music mogul Ray J and launched during the pandemic, these earbuds feature active noise-canceling technology and six microphones, so dad will be loud and clear on calls and video chats. The Work Earbuds’ compact design, magnetizing carrying, and wireless charging case help you stay dialed in all day long with a battery life of 32 hours. Whether dad needs to focus more on his work-from-home setup or tune out during his workout or daily stroll around the neighborhood, these earbuds will truly allow him to hear what he wants when he wants through active noise canceling and ambient mode which raises the level of ambient sound.

If dad wants a truly great steak, one that is steakhouse restaurant quality, the SteakAger PRO 15 ($329.99) is a must-buy. Made in Boone, North Carolina which has a history and proliferation of cattle, this in-fridge dry-aging unit offers a safe and effective dry-aging function and uses computer-controlled tech to control humidity inside the unit. Weighing only 12lbs, it can fit inside a fridge to give dad richly flavored, fork-cut tender steaks in no time. The SteakAger PRO 15 can fit up to 15lbs of beef and will take between 30 to 45 days to dry-age which will allow dad to perfect his grilling game and be the envy of all other BBQs in town.

Whether dad is ice cream, sorbet, gelato, or yogurt guy, the Whytner 2.1 qt. Stainless Steel Electric Ice Cream Maker with Built-in Timer and Ice Cream Scoop ($341.23) from The Home Depot, makes it easy for him to make his homemade favorites. This sleek unit will allow dad to fully customize his own decadent ice cream, creamy gelato, cool sorbet, or healthy all-natural yogurt using homemade ingredients in no time. Its sleek stainless steel exterior and soft-touch LCD control panel will accent any kitchen counter and features a powerful built-in compressor freezer so no pre-freezing of bowls is needed as well as an extended cooling function, ensuring maximum consistency. Simply prepare your ingredients, pour your delicious mixture into the removable mixing bowl and in between 30 and 60 minutes, dad has himself a delicious treat to share.